Glitter Gems Nail Foil – Rose Gold

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Colour: Gold
Size: 100cm x 4cm in clear Canister
How to Use:
  1. Cut a small amount from roll, enough to cover the nail plus some hanging over a bit
  2. You can either allow your base/gel colour to almost fully dry, and use the slight tackiness of the polish as an adhesive to press the foil onto, or apply foil transfer glue. If you are using glue (generally this works best, but either method can be used) brush an even thin layer of glue and wait for it to turn from milky to clear. If you’re covering the entire nail as a wrap, apply the adhesive to the whole nail. Otherwise, only apply it in the areas you want your design to adhere.
  3. Apply the foil with the shiny side up. Press the foil in place, then rub firmly over the surface of the foil or lift and replace onto the nail for a different creative design. If you are covering your entire nail, make sure you smooth it out evenly to prevent wrinkles.
  4. Lastly apply a clear top coat to seal the foil in place, remembering to seal/cap the free edge.


Please note: Due to the angle and light of photo,the foil may be slightly different from the picture.

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