JESSICA - Basecoat Treatments


Increase nail Moisture levels with a combination of Proein KSW and H2O.Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are absorbed into the nail plate to heal,condition and strengthen while restoring natural flexbility.

RECOVERY – For Brittle Nails

A breakthrough for brittle, breaking nails. Improve resilience and flexibility with this moisture-restoring combination of protein KSW, Calcium and H2O, which allows the nail to retain mositure.

REWARD – For Normal Nails

Rich with natural botanicals and antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and E maintains health, Strength and flexibility, while Calcium and Aloe Vera protect against nail breakage.

RESTORATION – For Damaged Nails

Rebuild nails from foundation to surface with this regenerative formula containing healing Echinacea to reinforce the nail and aid the recovery process.

CRITICAL CARE – For Intensive Care

Uses JESSICA’s exclusive Protein KSW formula, Fortified with Calcium and intensive strengthener, to penetrate the nails and increase keratinization.

LIFE JACKET – For Active Nails

Strengtheners, conditioners and natural fibers work together to create a protective cushion for nails that are prone to splitting or breaking.

FUSION – For Peeling Nails

Rubberized resins fuse together the delicate layers of the nail, while Vitamin A strengthens and conditions for growth

FLAWLESS – Hides Imperfections

Achieve a flawless manicure by fully smoothing the uneven nail surface, enabling a strong bond between basecoat and polish

BEND DONT BREAK – For Strong Nails

Maximize strength and flexibility and minimize breaking with this revolutionary complex containing hydration polymers to improve the nail condition.