JESSICA - Topcoats Nail Care

Top Priority - Glazing Ultraseal

Formulated with Keratin Amino Acid, seals and protects polish like a ceramic glaze.

Brilliance - High Gloss In A Flash

Advanced formula speeds up drying time, while adding a high gloss finish.
UV inhibitor and reflective polymers prevents chipping, smudging, or yellowing.

No Shine - Matte Finish

Give your favorite Jessica colours a velvety, matte look with this fast-drying,
no-lustre top coat.

Quick Dry - 60 Second Drying

Special film formers protects a fresh manicure from scratching, smudging and winkling.

Thick – Impenetrable Coating Protects

THICK, impenetrable coating protects nails from chipping and breaking.